21st Century Success Principles©

21st Century Success Principles©

Curriculum Information


The curriculum was designed with employers and community representatives.  It does not address such topics such as how to dress, write a resume or search for a job, although these are important skills.  We believe that for long-term success, young adults need guidance in a deeper way.  They need to examine who they are, and what is expected of them in the work world.  Therefore, “21st Century Success Principles©” addresses topics such as: code switching; internal discipline, coping with racism; and teamwork.  Both the course leader workbook and participant workbook have been edited with input from past participants and course leaders.


The teaching approah that is applied rigorously throughout the course draws on years on international research and practice in how adults learn.  The approach recognizes that all participants come to the course with life experiences and some work experiences that have shaped their expectations of themselves, and of the world around them.  The approach we use is derived from the renowned work of Dr. Jane Vella and the Global Learning Partners (GLP).  The approach does not center on the course leader or teacher as is often the case.  Instead, we center on the learner - not just the most vocal in the group, but on every learner.


The “21st Century Success Principles©”  course teaches more than the explicit content - workplace culture, code switching and coping skills.  We also aim to boost participants' basic skills.  For example, many of our participants have had the limited opportunity to articulate themselves with confidence and clarity.  Therefore, as we teach key content for workplace success, we also aim for participants to build their sense of selves and their ability to clearly share themselves with others.  Through the continous use of open questions, we invite participants to question thier assumptions about workplace culture, and at the same time aim to build their critical - thinking skills.  




21st Century Success Principles©

Upcoming Training

The Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans and The Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy in partnership withUrban Strategies announces a TOT (Training of Trainers) workshop for “21st Century Success Principles©” curriculum.  This workshop will train facilitators in the learner-centered dialogue approach to teaching utilizing the Success Principles curriculum. 


This 3 day workshop consist of the following:

Day 1 – Principles and Concepts of Dialogue Education

Day 2 – Practice Facilitation and Feedback

Day 3 – Helpful Guidelines for Course Leaders / Making it Relevant for My Learners


This workshop and training will allow you and your organization to gain access to the best curriculum that addresses workplace issues in a non-threatening and inclusive manner. A thanks and appreciation goes out to all of the organizations; non-profits, community colleges and workforce practitioners (over 60) who have participated in this workshop. Our mission is to make sure this curriculum is accessible and for it to  make an impact on our community and others.