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Literacy AmeriCorps New Orleans:

We sponsor 20 AmeriCorps members who make valuable contributions to local adult education programs as teachers, tutors and transition coaches to help adult learners take the next step to jobs, college or training. Members serve over 2,000 learners during the course of their service year as well as conduct dozens of outreach events and community service projects to get the word out about literacy and community service.

Public Policy and Advocacy:

There are a large number of independent and uncoordinated activities and programs that are in one way or another intended to address adult learning in Louisiana. In spite of the array of programs, the numbers of individuals being served successfully is small relative to the adults who could benefit from adult learning programs. We are developing a statewide network and presence in Baton Rouge to help coordinate and streamline existing funding streams for adult education instruction.

Plain Language Services:

Plain Language (also called Plain English) is communication your audience can understand the first time they read or hear it. Language that is plain to one set of readers may not be plain to others. Studies have shown that plain language affects your bottom line—you can save time, personnel resources, and money with clear writing. We provide editing services for your existing or planned internal and external communication materials and can train your staff in how to create plain language documents for your organization.

Capacity Building:

We support the adult basic education provider network with opportunities for development of local expertise and technical assistance for new literacy programs. We also host regional GED graduation ceremonies for over 100 graduates from 10 different programs in 3 parishes. Adult education programming is still at half the pre-Katrina levels, serving only 10,000 adults regionally. Social service programs with relationships to the population in need are ready to add adult education instruction and are asking for resources, training, and access to best practices in adult education programming.

Workforce Development:

Low literacy is a barrier for many un and under-employed adults who do not meet the requirements for technical training and access to jobs with family-sustaining wages. The Literacy Alliance advocates and provides technical assistance for the inclusion of basic skills in workforce development initiatives as well as provides customized workplace basic skills training for incumbent workers. We also offer training in the 21st Century Success Principles curriculum, an employment readiness program that addresses understanding of workplace culture, networks of opportunity and support, and coping skills

A Literal Fact

Federal funding for adult education is $220/student; compare to Head Start $6000/student; K-12 $6500+ per student; Higher Education $16,000/per student.

Did You Know?

About 25% of adults in our region do not have a high school diploma; about half of those are functioning at the lowest literacy level.

Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans

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